Master of Acids

A legendary alchemist who can destroy even gold


Master of Acids is an elderly Shemite man, who dresses in crimson and gold. His personal symbol is a golden sun surrounded by a crimson circle. He is horribly burned and blinded by acid. The Master of Acids is always followed by a retinue of servants, bodyguards and apprentices. A few are black amazons from far south, given to him as a tribute for services rendered to a mysterious queen.


The Master of Acids and his retinue were traveling from Ong to Shadizar, when they were ambushed by Kezankian hill men. Many of the barbarians died, but they managed to defeat the group and capture the alchemist and several of his followers. The heroes stumbled upon the remains of the caravan the following day. After recognizing the symbol of the master alchemist, they decided to pursue the tribesmen with the hopes of rescuing him.

Through steel and sorcery, the heroes managed to free the Master of Acids from captivity. The barbarians followed in relentless pursuit, but were unable to recapture him. The alchemist and the heroes suspected that the tribesmen had been hired by Turanians to capture him, though for what reason, they did not know. The alchemist and the survivors of his retinue were escorted safely back to Ong. In the city of pain, he used his connections with the priests to arrange audience with one of the high priests for Dionysos and Tyrus.

The alchemist revealed he had been summoned by Princess Jehenna to Shadizar to destroy something for her. Thus he could not tarry long in Ong. Basil managed to convince him to stay for a week and a half and teach him alchemical secrets. The Master of Acids as well made a love potion for Flavius as a reward for rescuing him. Then he assembled a new caravan and left again towards Shadizar.

Master of Acids

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