Strange, deadly creatures serving the Lord of Reflections


Mirrorlings are vaguely humanoid creatures standing tall as a man. They have no facial features, no gender and dagger-like blades for fingers. They appear made of some highly reflective, but not translucent material. The mirrorlings move with a silent grace and may suddenly appear from any reflective surface. They strike with precision and speed, cutting flesh and bone in to shreds. A person who attacks a mirrorling while seeing his own reflection risks inflicting the harm upon himself.


The heroes encountered a mirrorling in the crypts underneath Belverus. It was summoned by a deranged nobleman, who had been deceived into seeing the Lord of Reflections as Mitra. The mirrorling was almost impossible to harm with either steel or sorcery. The damage it reflected back to its assailants almost killed several of the heroes. Only when Basil destroyed the mirrors it gained strength from was the demon defeated.

Tyrus found stone tablets detailing rituals necessary to contact the Lord of Reflections. Months later, he found the necessary knowledge and skill to subject the demon lord to Master-Words and Signs. As a result, it agreed to grant Tyrus a portion of its power.

Johnson is a mirrorling Tyrus tends to summon when heavy combat assistance is required.


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