Niccolo, the Information Dealer of Messantia

A man who knows everything about the shadowy plots of Messantia


Niccole is a tall, thin man with pale skin and dark hair somewhere between thirty and fifty. He dresses immaculately in the finest silk and velvet. He has dark, piercing eyes and a thin, sardonic smile. Niccolo has a beautiful mansion in the wealthier part of Messantia. He seems to know everything worth knowing in the city and has contacts among all major trade routes.


The Nemedians were introduced to Niccolo by Thothmekri on their first visit to Messantia. He told them in details about the Cult of the Golden Lord and their wide network of resources. Niccolo as well sold Tyrus the locations for further parts of scrolls of Vathelos. In return, he asked for the party to find information about Nefertari for him. Dionysos had some private business with him.

The party met Niccolo again as they returned to Messantia from Stygia. Niccolo provided them further information and indirect aid in escaping from the City of Coin. He gave Tyrus a clay portrait of himself, inscribed with Old Stygia. Niccolo instructed Tyrus to break the portrait if he ever came in to proximity of Nefertari again.

Tyrus did so in the ruins of Dagoth Hill with no immediate effect. Nefertari did not react except by displaying mild amusement.

Niccolo, the Information Dealer of Messantia

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