Nikandrus and Metharus, Tyrus's brothers

Paragons of envy and admiration, respectively


Tyrus’s younger brothers are five and nine years younger than him, respectively. Ossias had not intended to educate them fully, but as things stood, Nikandrus was sent to the university in Tyrus’s stead, while Metharus stayed home to learn his father’s trade.

Nikandrus is sharp and reserved, clearly having inherited these qualities from his father. He shows a slight trace of vileness that one can’t really trace, but has never acted in a way that would enforce this impression. He claims to be a devout worshipper of Mitra, though this is probably just a lie crafted to please his father.

Ossius has made pretty clear that he would always have wanted for Nikandrus to become his heir, and the son displays open pride of these words. The matter wouldn’t be as much of a problem but this position was wrested from his grasp upon Tyrus’s arrival and Nikandrus feels that he has been treated unjustly. It is unclear to whether he actually hates Tyrus, but they are not on friendly terms and if the brother proves as resourceful as his father, it may be a reason for concern.

Metharus isn’t a mirror of his older brother and seems more like an image of his mother – more versed in tales of adventure and daydreams than the qualities necessary for actually attaining a high position. Like Desma, he is happy of the state of affairs and now aims for an easy, decadent life.

Despite his laziness and aimless appearance, Metharus is still interested in activities fit for his image of himself, and is often seen pestering the officers or Barathus for fencing lessons and company for hunting treks. This is not just for show, as keen interest has made him somewhat of a prodigy with both longbow and an arming sword. He keenly listens to Alcimedes’s reckless stories of war and adventure, and spent his childhood with intent to apply into a military academy.

Nikandrus and Metharus, Tyrus's brothers

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