Noam the Scorpion King

Alias Noam the Cursed, an archer with an Ankh


Noam the Scorpion King

Medium Humanoid (Nemedian)
Class: Borderer 5 / Soldier 2 / Thief 1
Initiative: +10
Senses: Perception +13: low-light vision
Dodge Defence: 18
Parry Defence: 16
Hit Points: 79; DR 5 (Chain shirt + steel cap)
Saves: Fort +7 (+9 vs Black Lotus), Ref +9, Will +7 (+3 vs Corruption)
Speed: 40 ft.
Melee: Scimitar +9 (finesse) 1d8+3 AP 5
Ranged: Shemite bow +10 1d10+4 AP 7
Base Atk +4; Grp +6
Sneak attack +1d6, sneak attack style: Shemite bow
Abilities: Str 15, Dex 19, Con 15, Int 15, Wis 11, Cha 12
Feats: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Shemite Bow), Track, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Fleet-Footed, Steatlhy, Iron Will, Rapid Shot, Demon Killer, Endurance, Shot on the Run, Eyes of the Cat, Alertness
Skills: Acrobatics +10, Athletics +8, Craft (Herbalism) +12, Craft (Fletcher) +6, Diplomacy +10, Knowledge (Geography) +7, Knowledge (Nature) +5, Perception +13, Ride +6, Stealth +17, Survival +12
Languages: Aquilonian, Corinthian, Nemedian, Shemitish, Stygian, Zingaran
Special Qualities: Twice per day +2 insight bonus to any Will save (+4 if the Ankh has recently been dipped in blood of a child), +2 vs Black Lotus
Corruption: 4


I liek bows & I has Ankh. Alcemides is a silly girly-boy.

“Noam lost every arm-wrestling contest against me. What he lacked in brawn he also lacked in resolve. That cursed ankh and Pteion drove him mad. Bows are for cowards anyway.” -Alcemides

“Noam was never very open about the inner workings inside his noggin, so I kind of wish I could say more. One thing that’s for certain is that he had determination and bravery far beyond that of a common man – and stealth and guile to never get seriously wounded in battle. Such virtues didn’t help him against the stranglers of Yajur, though.” -Tyrus, son of Ossius

Noam the Scorpion King

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