A fickle chambermaid


Octavia was game in some kind of a hunting ritual set up by a deranged nemedian forest cult. Luckily she never found out whether the entertainment she was set out to be was sexual or violent (or both), as Tyrus happened on the scene and bought her from her captors.

Initially set on ransoming her back to her family to regain his losses, Tyrus had Octavia work as Filia’s chambermaid and informer in the local courtly matters. For some reason Octavia’s family showed no interest whatsoever in hearing about her again, and the arrangement became permanent.

Octavia is fickle, young, beautiful and infuriatingly ungrateful. She’s proud enough to think she’s above her job, yet stupid enough to voice her dissent. She has since become Filia’s best friend, and couldn’t really give a rat’s ass about the orders and expectectations Tyrus sets for her.


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