Ossius, Tyrus's father

Skilled merchant and a stern father with a dubious past


Thief 3 / Scholar 5


Aged 52, Ossius was known in his town as a strict man and closely adherent to both his family’s honor and the laws of the land. He is exceptionally smart and a reputable businessman. In his youth, he rose to his status quickly, and there was talk of trades that were neither the safest or fairest, but regardless of the truth behind these matters, they have since faded into obscurity.

Like his wife Desma, Ossius at least upholds a facade of dedication to Mitra’s cult. Because of his piousness, the decision to exile Tyrus was sincere. He was immensely disappointed that his son betrayed him and wasted the money he put up for his education, and certainly wasn’t any more content when his long-lost son stepped on his doorstep and demanded to be reinstated as his heir. As it stands, he had little choice in the matter and remains afraid of Tyrus’s sorcery.

Regardless of the circumstances, he is happy of the new status and wealth given to his family and is especially pleased by the security for his venerable years. Due to Ossias’s skills and as a gesture of trust, Tyrus has given him a lot to say in family matters – he is second in command and shares power with Sallust while Tyrus is away.

Ossius, Tyrus's father

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