Assorted Staff

Entertainers and loyal servants in the Household of Lord Dionysos and the priestess Luba


Followers of Lord Dionysos Thaurian

Nestor, the “Cook”: 2nd Level Zamoran Commoner/2nd level Scholar

The Musicians, Elena (Percussion), Daria (Windwood), Anya (Strings): 4th Level Zamoran Temptresses

Inga, Head Maid: 1st Level /2nd Level Zamoran/Nordheimer Temptress/Commoner

Justinia and Miranda, Maidservants: 2nd Level Hyborian Commoners

Sabatina, Language Tutor and household servant: 2nd Level Pelishtim Scholar
(Str 8 Dex 11 Con 8 Int 14 Wis 10 Cha 12)


Nestor: A sturdy, though not necessarily obese man in his mid-twenties, Nestor’s whole life revolves around the kitchen. He makes excellent sausages. Watching his master’s wife handle various foul concoctions nonchalantly, he silently hopes that Lord Bhaal would hire a professional taster. Or two. Or three.

Elena, Daria and Anya: Three women, one blonde, one black-haired and one red-haired owing to mixed heritages, shapely and seductive, if a bit vacant-eyed and disinterested at times. Lately, the horrors they have seen have given a somewhat disturbing edge to their performance, which undoubtedly pleases their “enlightened” masters.

Inga: A Blonde, tall woman betraying a mixed Nordheimer heritage, Inga is a survivor, determined to not allow the horrors she witnesses almost daily to ruin her soul. Her recent promotion to chief maid has boosted her self-esteem somewhat, and despite the rotten nature of her masters, she remains cautiously optimistic.

Though unexceptional in most respects, Justinia and Miranda are loyal to their handsome new master, out of gratitude for getting the chance to avoid a life of prostitution on the streets of Belverus. Fifteen-year old girls of the standard Hyborian stock, their quiet and unassuming demeanor, in addition to their attentiveness, make them ideal servants.

Bought as a slave from the bustling markets of Sultanapur, Sabatina was pleasantly surprised to be bought into such a well-learned household. While her will has been broken by cruel Turanian slavers, her beautious features reveal her fine breeding.

Assorted Staff

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