Samarides the Moneylender

A moneylender with great influence in Shadizar, pawn of the cult


Samarides is a slippery crook with a weakness for beautiful women and anything that glitters. He is of an average height, overweight and dresses in anything expensive. His sense of style is terrible. Anything expensive goes, he likes showing off his wealth. He is very careful to the level of paranoia. A small army of competent bodyguards surrounds him at all times.


Samarides used to be a small time crook plying his trade on the streets of Shadizar. As a small time loan shark, he had big dreams but no capability to make them true. For one reason or another, he was offered a chance for greatness. Almost overnight, he gained great wealth and become banker for the rich and powerful. Many nobles own him vast sums of money.

During their stay in Shadizar, the heroes find out that Samarides handles majority of the cults monetary traffic. The building projects were financed by him and he uses the loans to force various noblemen do him favors. Gold from shady sources is turned in to untraceable capital in his offices. The heroes contemplated an assassination, but found no way to do so safely. Samarides lives in a house closer to fortress, with bodyguards and perhaps even supernatural guardians.

When the party left Shadizar, Samarides was still alive and influential in the city.

Samarides the Moneylender

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