Sewer Sage, the Scholarly Creature of Tartarus

A corpse-devouring creature living in a sewer library


The Sewer Sage is a hulking brute at least seven feet tall and with extremely broad shoulders. It covers its bulk in a robe which hides everything but its clawed hands. It speaks with civilized, learned tones but the speech is broken with smatterings, clicks and squelchs. Ghouls of Messantia fear the thing and bring it tribute in the form of corpses to eat.


While exploring the ancient catacombs underneath the sewers of Messantia, the heroes stumbled upon the Sewer Sage. It had built itself a lair of sorts near the worst cesspool of the sewers. The stench was enough to nauseate most of the heroes. Lair of the creature was more akin to a library than a living space and it was constantly writing more scrolls with a furious pace. In the ceiling was a hole to the upper levels, the floor underneath it covered with corpses. The local ghouls dropped them to the creature as tribute.

Despite its threatening shape, the creature turned out to be peaceful. It happily discussed the nature of the ruins and the history of Messantia with the more scholarly members of the group. It turned out to be very knowledgeable about the Blackblood Plague that had almost destroyed the city a long time ago. The creature told how the heroes could break entrance in to Tartarus, but warned that the ancient catacombs were guarded by strange traps and mighty curses.

After exchanging a few stories, the creature proceeded to discuss the various creatures inhabiting the ruins. It mentioned being a guardian of sorts – but what it guarded, it would not tell. Basil was especially interested in the historical details the creature described. In a burst of generosity, it threw Basil an ancient scroll containing the recipe for Acheronian Demon-fire as the heroes left its chambers.

Sewer Sage, the Scholarly Creature of Tartarus

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