Cult of the Spider-God

Followers of the Spider-God of Yezud


The city of Yezud is the unquestionable stronghold of the Spider-God. Its followers breed the infamous Zamoran giant spiders and master the art of poisoncraft. Their influence in Zamora is great, but the cult is mostly isolationist and cares little for foreign realms.


The heroes first came in contact with the Cult of the Spider-God during the amnesia of Dionysos. After leaving Pteion, he eventually made his way to Yezud. There, he struck a deal of some sort with the high priests. Dionysos was given two Spawn of Dagoth Hill, Luba and Basil, in exchange for a load of gold and a trade permit to Stygia. He was married to Luba, with Basil provided as a personal alchemist.

Although the personality of “Master Bhaal” changed drastically in Shem, the two devil-blooded remained in the company of Dionysos. Luba remained as a close contact with the Spider Cult and eventually became a priestess. In Shadizar, the cult provided shelter, contacts and information for the heroes in their struggle against Zevras and the masks.

Luba plans to build a temple of the Spider-God in Nemedia and expand the cult’s reach there. Whether this will turn out to be a boon or a bane remains to be seen.

Cult of the Spider-God

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