Priestesses of Sukhmet

A cult of warrior-priestesses hostile to the heroes


Priestesses of Sukhmet study strange secrets in seclusion. Their cult is a two-faced one, as is their goddess. In the peaceful form, called Hathor, she and them represent prophetic dreams and ferility. When angered, the form of Sukhmet is a terrible avenger hunting the foes of Set. Priestesses learn to strike with precision, seeking to inflict lethal wounds with finesse.


The Nemedians encountered the priestesses of Sukhmet first while looking for the Ankh of Selkhet. Local bandits had ambushed a caravan transporting Golden Wine of Xuthal from Kheshetta to Khemi. As the caravan failed to arrive, a group of priestesses were sent to investigate. They mistakenly assumed the Nemedians to be responsible for the destruction of the caravan.

The resulting attack was defeated by the heroes and they managed to outrun rest of the priestesses. Yet the temple of Sukhmet was not willing to let them go so easily. They raided the house bought by Dionysos and came to possess several magical links. These were used to cast spells from afar at the characters.

The high priestess was especially keen to hypnotise several members of the group to slay the others. She would appear on any reflecting surface and dominate the target with her gaze. As this repeated several times, the heroes become paranoid regarding reflections, closing their eyes when going to fill their waterskins.

When leaving Stygia, the Nemedians were confronted by a new troop of priestesses intend on killing them. Surpisingly, a demon appeared from the darkness and assaulted the priestesses, thus inderectly saving the Nemedians – though after provocation, the demon attacked the heroes as well.

Since then the high priestess continued to pester the heroes with reflections and domination, but while traveling through Shem the attacks become infrequent and finally stopped altogether.
It is likely the priestesses still hold a grudge, but are not willing to leave the confines of Stygia to claim vengeance.

Priestesses of Sukhmet

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