Sadistic bully


Male Medium Humanoid (Hyborian) Soldier 6/Noble 1


A hulking brute with black hair and pale gray eyes, Sutekh has inherited the hyborian blood of his mother while his twin brother inherited the Acheronian. He is a primal force of chaos and destruction, a howling, bloodthirsty maelstrom whose gaze betrays a willful love of devastation. The heir to the county, he is supported by the sharp mind of his brother Mahat-Seth, who is thought by most to be the silently dominating half of the twins. He often rides out from his mansion to bully and torment anyone he comes across, and when in his father’s abode has often acted out his sadistic impulses on his younger brother. He extrudes a monstrous self-confidence and arrogance, and cares little for the arcane heritage of his family, being quite content to bash skulls and trample foes with his warhorse, towards whom it is said he has unnatural lusts. His cohort (male Hyborian noble 2/soldier 2) and followers represent his lieutenant and manorial staff.


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