Tawil At’Umr, the Eyeless Sage

Blind scholar, exchanger of stories and wanderer of strange paths


Tawil At’Umr is a dusky, wiry man, around fourty years of age. Chain of Darfar ritual scars adorn his cheeks around the hawkish nose. His most striking feature is his lack of eyes. Empty eye sockets stare back from his weathered face, yet he appears to see nevertheless. His clothing varies depending where he is met. An overgrown wolf always accompanies him, perhaps as a guide or a guardian.


The party first met Tawil At’Umr in their visit to Stygia. Keeper of the foreigner’s inn in Khemi told that he had been a mercenary at the southern border of Stygia. Ten years ago or so he went missing in a Darfar raid. His companions believed him dead, taken and eaten by the cannibals. He returned five years later, eyeless and accompanied by a wolf.

Ever since he has been changed man, a collector of stories. In exchange for a story told by another traveler, he will share a piece of knowledge, especially of the ancient past. Destroyed civilizations, ruins, mythical locations and mysterious artifacts seem to be his specialties. Contemporary, mundane matters interest him little. He rides the waves of cosmic truth and seems to care naught for his personal safety, even when surrounded by cutthroats. Perhaps he is overconfident, perhaps he is insane or perhaps death and violence simply mean nothing to him.

The characters have met the storyteller in Stygia and later by the strange path they were taken by Barathus. He was seen with Dionysos in Shem, during the time when Dionysos claims to have been possessed by Bhaal Akhep or Bhaal Xorat. Little is known about his motivations – but he is always friendly and willing to drop a piece or two of advice. In the last parting, all were left with a feeling they shall see him again when there are new stories to be told…

Tawil At’Umr, the Eyeless Sage

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