The Basil

The transcendent one, seeker of forgotten secrets, tomb delver extraordinaire and an alchemist without an equal


Statistics of the Basil are irrelevant because he can only be truly measured on the scale of the ultimate power.

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However, for the inquiring minds desiring for more glimpses of the Basil’s might the rumors circulating in Northern Hyboria describe the Basil as quick as lightning, as cunning as covenant of sorcerers, as perceptive as thousand awakened owls and he is said to have a precense that gives even demon lords themselves a pause. Add to that:
  • The vast array of mystical powers at the Basil’s command, which range from ability to see without eyes to near invulnerability while in areas of darkness as the shadows themselves shield their master.
  • Several artifacts of Dread Might have found their way into the Basil’s grasp, ready to serve as extensions of his will.
  • The associates of the Basil are beings of terrible power and can be summoned to do his bidding.
  • The closest minions (Tyrys, Dionysos, Flavius) with whom Basil travels in search of the next source of power. Eventhough the minions aren’t quite as potent as some of the other resources at the Basil’s disposal, they still present a considerable threat for most beings the Basil wishes to see dead dead.

At this point even the most backwater illiterate pict ought to understand what kind of force of nature cosmos the Basil is.


“Some puny hexes by a long-dead witch king or two won’t stop me. The worse the curse, the more power to be had.” – the Basil

“Oh Zath, cleanse my brother’s soul of this obsessive lust for power at any cost” -Luba, Dionysos’ wife

“I used to think of him as a megalomaniac, but every passing day I fear more that he might merely be a maniac.” -Tyrus the First

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The Basil

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