An apprentice and agent of Bhaal Akhep


Stygian Thief 6/Scholar 8

Thothmekri is a tall, wiry black man in late twenties. He is of Stygian birth, although black heritage shows clearly in his features. Thothmekri’s left arm is covered with a tattoo of a coiling snake. Similar tattoos run along his chest and back. He is skilled in deceit and disguise, capable of shifting in a moment from a bootlicking slave to an intimidating fiend. Thothmekri is skilled in the dark sorceries of Stygia – and in urban, clandestine skills.

You must know that what I got from these mongrel Hyborian savages is but a small part of the learning I’ve came to have. I have not been at Kheshatta’s libraries for nothing, nor talked to no account with an ancient alchemist and astrologer in Khemi. I was made sensible that all the world is but the smoke of our intellects; past the bidding of the vulgar, but by the wise to be puffed out and drawn in like any cloud of black lotus smoke. What we want, we may make about us; and what we don’t want, we may sweep away. I won’t say that all this is wholly true in body, but it is sufficient true to furnish a spectacle now and then.


According to Thothmekri, he was orphaned at young age and left to fend for himself in the streets of an unnamed city. He became a pickpocket and a burglar, a dangerous profit in Stygia. One day he broke in to a house owned by a mighty sorcerer. Instead of slaying the young thief, the sorcerer – Bhaal Akhep, a Lord of the Black Ring – instead saw potential in him. Thus Thothmekri became his student and eventually a priest of Set.

The Nemedians first met Thothmekri in the Poitainian Mountains between Aquilonia and Zingara. He had been subdued by the degenerate Acheronians, who were up to a sorcerous plot of some kind. The Nemedians saved him from captivity. Thothmekri hired them to capture the female leader of the Acheronians and escort him to Kordova. On the way, he partaked in several fights and even fought in the arenas of Zingara with the Nemedians.

When the group finally reached Kordova, Thothmekri busied himself with plotting with his master. Eventually he hired the Nemedians to partake in an attack against the Cult of the Golden Lord. As a reward for the assassination, they were given transportation to Stygia and trade permits. While in Stygia, the Nemedians met Thothmekri a few times to ask for advice, but did not stay in further contact as they left for Pteion.

Almost two years later, the Nemedians met him again in Kheshetta, the City of Sorcerers…

Dionysos later claimed Bhaal Akhep, Thothmekri’s master, possessed him for a while.


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