A scholarly priest of Mitra, who was kidnapped by forces unknown


Tranicos was the chief librarian of Messantia’s main mitraneum. He is a short man with dark features and a balding head in late fifties. Tranicos was famous in the city for his grasp of obscure historical details, especially regarding Old Stygia and Acheron. Before his disappearance, he had been increasingly eccentric.


Two years before his disappearance, Tranicos spotted a strange small statue at a local marketplace. It was incredibly ancient idol of an Acheronian god. After buying the statue, the priest was often plagued by strange dreams. He became obsessed with finding the origins of the item. After several months of research, Tranicos finally traced the statue back to a sewer worker who had found it underneath Messantia.

Tranicos became convinced the sewers hid an entrance to catacombs of Tartarus. He dedicated his time with obsessive fervor to finding old texts which might help him in the task. Finally, after a year of research, he had deducted where to look for the right place. Tranicos bribed sewer workers with money of the temple and gained entrance underneath the city. In his third attempt, he penetrated the temple chambers the heroes later explored. Tranicos brought another statue with him…and then his memory started to fail him.

Several times he woke up in strange places, doing strange things, with no memory of what had transpired. One time he woke up with the mark of Skelos branded upon his back. Tranicos confided in his student and assistant, Castel, who encouraged him to continue the exploration. Castel persuaded Tranicos that the reason for the strange experiences could be found further from the ruins. Finally, Tranicos disappeared completely – he stumbled upon operations of the cult of the Golden Lord and was kidnapped. The heroes rescued him after a few days of damp captivity.

Soon after his rescue, Tranicos left upriver towards Ophir with Castel for reasons unknown.


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