Tyrus the First

A witch, warrior and arriviste.


Medium Humanoid (Nemedian)
Class: Scholar 14 / Soldier 1
Initiative: +11
Senses: Perception +13
Dodge Defence: 21 (24 vs. ranged with a targe)
Parry Defence: 21 (27 when holding a Broadsword or an Arming Sword)
Hit Points: 85; DR 7 (MW Mail Shirt & Full Helmet)
Saves: Fort +10, Ref +11, Will +18 (+2 vs Corruption; +4 from Code of Honour, -2 from Knowledge: Demonology)
Speed: 30 ft.
Melee: Akbitanan Broadsword +13 d10+5 AP 8
Melee: Atlantean Blade +13 d8+7 AP 9
Melee: Touch +11
Ranged: Crossbow +11 2d8 AP 8
Base Atk +7; Grp +10
Abilities: Str 16, Dex 18 (+2), Con 16, Int 17, Wis 21 (+2), Cha 22 (+2)
Feats: Iron Will, Weapon Focus (Broadsword), Combat Expertise, Parry, Intricate Swordplay, Ritual Sacrifice, Improved Unarmed Strike, Touch of Power, Hexer, Permanent Sorcery, Leadership, Meditation, Greater Meditation
Extra Feats (outside normal character progression): Title, Rank Has Its Privileges
Skills: 194 – 5 (Languages) points
Acrobatics: 8+4+2 (Hyborian bonus) = 14
Athletics: 5+3 = 8
Bluff: 10+6+4 (Reputation) = 16/20
Concentration: 14+3 = 17
Craft (Alchemy): 15+3 = 18
Craft (Herbalism): 15+3 = 18
Decipher Script: 18+3 = 21
Diplomacy: 10+6 = 16
Know (Arcana): 16+3 = 19
Know (Demonology): 8+3 = 11
Know (Geography): 8+3+2 (Background) = 13
Know (History): 10+3+2 (Background) = 15
Know (Nobility): 8+3+2 (Background) = 13
Know (Religion): 5+3+2 (Background) = 10
Know (Nemedia): 3+2 (Background) = 5
Perception: 15+5+2 (Hyborian) = 22
Perform (Ritual): 5+6 = 11
Sense Motive: 13+5+4 (Reputation) = 18/22
Stealth: 8+4 = 12
Languages: Acheronian, Nemedian, Ophirian, Shemitish, Stygian & Old Stygian, Demonic, Nightspeak
Special Qualities: Civilized Code of Honour, Permanent Calm of the Adept (Immune to Hypnotism, +2 to DEX/WIS/CHA), Permanent Warrior’s Trance (+5 to ATK/Damage/Dodge)
Sorcery Styles: Curses, Oriental Magic, Necromancy, Counterspells, Summoning
Spells: Lesser Ill Fortune, Greater Ill Fortune, Foxing, Dark Relevations, Stench of Rot and Fear, Death Touch, Wrack, Calm of the Adept, Warrior’s Trance, Darting Serpent, Gelid Bones, Warding, Greater Warding, Ward Dwelling, Ward by Will, Incantation of Amalric Witchman, Master Words and Signs, Summon Demon, Shapechange
Corruption: 0

Twice during the campaing, Tyrus has become slightly corrupted, but has shrugged off the effects later with the cost of fate points.

The breaking of the first mask wounded his mind and made him fearful of large golden art objects and especially the masks themselves. The condition did not affect Tyrus much, however, as at any given time, he had more pressing worries and had never been the weakest of spirits. The fright waned over time – a year from the event Tyrus could no longer feel any ill effects.


Tyrus the First was born without his title to a upper middle class family. At the time and until recently, he was just known as Tyrus, son of Ossius.

As the first son of a wealthy merchant, he was given the privilege of formal education in the university of Belverus. Unfortunately Tyrus was either not bright enough or a bit too bright for his own good, and spent his free time dabbling in the less acceptable, darker corners of Belverus’s library. With his childhood friend Sallust, they learned the arts of mysticm and sorcery, eventually neglecting most other subjects. Both were eventually caught, and while Tyrus had remained clear of the truly dark corners of sorcery, this was no excuse for his conformist family. Sallust’s parents were lenient, but Tyrus was exiled into the army and soon saw to the front lines of the Nemedian-Aquilonian war. He never had the body of the classical bookworm, so this wasn’t the disaster it could have been. Regardless, the punishment left the youth quite bitter and with even more dedication to his choises in life.

As Nemedia lost the war, Tyrus was stranded from the main army along with a couple of fellow soldiers, paving the way for long and tedious adventure through Zamora, Stygia, Shem, Ophir and eventually back to Nemedia. After gathering wealth from the sands of Pteion and uderground halls of Tartarus, Tyrus managed to secure a barony in Nahab. He bribed his parents into an awkward peace and acted as though nothing had happened, but chose to rely on Sallust as the main safekeeper of his property. Just settling down and wading through the bickerings of the local nobility seemed an alluring option, but unfortunately this was impossible, as along with his fellow adventurers, he had acquired powerful enemies in the form of the Cult of the Golden Masks.

What was to come is the domain of another story, and it was again neccessary to take the road which led to adventure (or blood and slaughter, as Flavius would put it). Things have advanced, and presently Tyrus’s main goal is to complete his set of The Scrolls of Vathelos while still remaining sane. It is unclear whether he is more afraid by not being ruthless enough for the task, or that he some day might be.

“While his pretensions to nobility are amusing, he appears to be a man of honour, which, while annoying at times, makes him a reliable instrument. He is, though, nearly my equal in power, and should he fall from grace, I would need to watch him carefully indeed” -Lord Dionysos Thaurian

Tyrus the First

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