Yunet, the Stygian Temptress

A decadent noblewoman of Khemi embroiled in local petty plots


Stygian Noble 2 / Temptress 5

Wife of a local prince, Yunet is a noblewoman of influence and privilege. She has a tall, full figure and is of mixed blood between the light-skinned nobility and the dark masses. Yunet dresses in blue silk and silver jewelry, often using lotus flowers for decoration. She is an accomplished manipulator of male minds, sometimes driving seduced men to their doom out of boredom.


Yunet is a bored wife of a Stygian prince. Her husbands spends much time away in the capital and Yunet has taken a habit of playing with foreigners. Often she uses them as tools in her petty plots, which aim to reinforce her position among the local nobility. Even she fears the priests of Set and the sorcerers of the Black Ring, avoiding their attention at all costs.

She became interested in Dionysos due to his Acheronian features and the alleged contact with Bhaal Akhep of the Black Ring. In time, she found use for the Nemedians in a bet agreed with a rival noblewoman. They had made a bet about acquiring a certain jeweled, mummified snake from an old tomb. Yunet’s rival sent her robbers first, but they failed in their task. She manipulated Dionysos to take the Nemedians in as her champions. They were succesful in their task and won the bet for Yunet.

Yunet, the Stygian Temptress

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