Conan Acheronian Edition

Welcome to the Hyborian Age!
Histories of avarice, madness and corruption

This campaign chronicles the adventures of a rag-tag group on their quest for glory, wealth and power. The place and time is the Hyborian Age, as described by the great sage Robert E. Howard. All REH wrote has happened and only his writings are taken as canon. Supplements of Mongoose Conan d20 RPG are used in the game. Anything originating from pastiches is open to slaughter and mutilation without mercy. So if you are familiar with pastiches or Mongoose Conan supplements, don’t be surprised if they have been used for inspiration but vastly changed.

The game takes place immediately after the Hour of the Dragon. The original player characters are Nemedian soldiers, who flee the battlefield after the final battle is lost. During their desire to survive and get back home, they become entangled with ancient, sorcerous plots. Heroes fall and new ones join the group in struggle against a faceless enemy. At the same time, fortunes are made, ancient secrets revealed and souls lost.

Mood of the game is sword & sorcery spiced with Lovecraftian horror, moral dilemmas (being a bad guy is just easier) and occasional (mostly unintended) comedy. Some things are blatantly ripped off from Call of Cthulhu. So far the character have steadily fallen towards corruption and madness, turning more in to Howardian villains than heroes… but find out yourself by reading the stories! Check out the various house rules in Wiki, if you want to know how we play. Feel free to leave suggestions, comments questions and requests! The campaign page is both meant to be a tool for the players and entertainment to the rest of you.