Silly poetry

Ooo, North Wind, thou bringeth with thee the men of pale skin, visage of the fallen, lamenting their fallen god. O North Wind, what cruelties did thee see, as they fell on each other in their desperation. O North Wind, tell me, what did the wanderers say as they crossed Styx to the shadow of the Black Pyramids. O North Wind, does their fallen god still test shackles of the unfaithful in the darkness beneath all hells? O North Wind, do your whispers still fill the hearts of men with fear, when the black wind blows?

Ooo, East Wind, thou bringeth with thee ragged slaves, fleeing the green flames of Lemuria through the desolate lands. O East Wind, how many souls did you see descending in to the green hells, screaming as their bones melted and flesh burned? O East Wind, was it your whispers that guided them in lands of the Snake God, was it your voice that gave them victory over the pale ones? O East Wind, what more shall thou bring for our feast?

Ooo, South Wind, thou bringeth with thee the Snakes That Walk and lead them to sing the song of Yig in the forgotten halls. O South Wind, did thou bring the rot of the soul with thee, did thou strike the first mark upon the forehead of the fallen? O South Wind, why did thine cruel song echo through the halls of the snakes? O South Wind, why did thou bring the Unspeakable upon Valusia? O South Wind, is thy voice still a song of decay and death? O South Wind, has thy rage turned in to glorious joy?

Ooo, West Wind, thou saw the jewel of men to sink beneath the hungry waves. O West Wind, what god did they cry to in their anguish, as their own might turned against them? O West Wind, was it thy doing to blow them on our shores? Was it thy whispers that lead them against Valusia? O West Wind, did thy voice teach them the fell sorceries of Nameless Ones?

Silly poetry

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